Light alloys

The solubilizationageing and annealing treatments of light alloys, such as aluminum, are carried out in a department composed of a semi-automatic line. The plants are interconnected and integrated in a 4.0 perspective with computerized management of approved recipes, recording of cycles carried out and traceability of loads.


The department with a load capacity of 1,050 kg/batch and load dimensions of 1,200 x H2,000 x 2,000 mm present in the Unitrat Bari establishment is composed of:

  • 1 oven for solubilization and aging with temperature uniformity of +-5 °C;
  • 1 quenching tank with agitation and temperature management and quenching time < 7 seconds;
  • 1 semi-automatic loader for loading and unloading material;
  • 3 storage warehouses for material in process.


Solubilization is typically performed at temperatures between 450 and 575 °C (842-1067 °F) in air, followed by rapid quenching in different quenching media depending on the degree of severity required by the alloy (water, water-polymer solution or forced air).

Ageing or treatment that allows the controlled release of the constituents necessary to form precipitated aggregates that significantly increase the strength of the component can occur naturally for some alloys, through the maintenance at room temperature obtaining a state or in an artificial way for other alloys between 100-250 °C to obtain a T6 state.

The annealing of aluminum alloys allows maximum formability before solubilization and ageing. This treatment is extremely gentle by heating to 400-425 °C, and then slowly cooled to a temperature below 200°C.

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